Volker Meitz

great compilation of literature and more
author of several Pro Audio books
excellent articles, various topics, great primer on trouble shooting / servicing
actually about guitar amps, but lots of general info re. tube amp design!
great resource for details about speaker design
author of "The Audio Expert", lots of articles

Siemens V72 toTAB U373 to Neumann W495, + loads of Transformer specs...
Huge table of German Broadcast components from the 1930's - 1970's
lots of Neve Docs and VARIOUS others, hosted by John Klett
more resources for vintage stuff
TONS of pictures of all kinds of vintage outboard gear

good resource for design, measurement & simulation

man when it comes to servicing condenser mic's in Europe
the man when it comes to re-skinning capsules of condenser mic's

Documentation, History, Whitepapers, Forums

by M7 records. Some interesting Details
all about vintage Schoeps microphones
large database for professional mic's, plus some great articles
forum with lots of details regarding vintage mic's

Microphone Kit Supplier in the USA
dto, different models
Vintage Neumann kits, mod kits, transformer winding to original specs...

Made in Austria - Max Kircher is da man
France based, several models; some outboard gear, too

Keyboards, Amp’s, Pro Audio, in Berlin
Speaker Re-coning in Berlin, also service of backline / PA equipment
Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet etc., in Germany.
dto, but in Holland / also has large online shop for spare parts
Hammond service in Germany
Piano and Organ service, south Germany
Acoustic piano service, in Berlin

German forum
lots of Tech Docs of vintage synths and other classic keyboards
Info about reset & init procedures for various types of hardware synth / FX

also known as the Rhodes Super Site

All about vintage Fender Tube Amps
Forum by the original company
Great Preamp & Speaker Simulator

Current products, spare parts and info by the very company itself
loads of docs, schematics, model guides, history etc.
dto., repair & maintenance info as well
very comprehensive, from the jackhollow.com website
another very comprehensive site, devoted to cabinets only
… for Hammonds or Tone Cabinets
Documentation of lots of different interface boxes, by Fishorgan.com
Great forum in English
... and a German version

B3 Clones from Italy
Creators of HX3 - a physically modeled B3 in Hardware
Great Hardware from Czech, using the HX3 sound module

excellent article by the North Suburban Hammond Society
by Clifford A. Hendricksen, very in-depth regarding Horn, Woofer, Motors

excellent tips re. both mechanics and electronics, by Benton Electronics

Solid State relay replacement from Michael Ansorge, Germany

the name says it all
huge archive with tons of info on all types of gear
extensive info on all kinds of stomp boxes

History of Hifi and Magnetic Tape, LOADS of info, German only

whitepapers on digital aufdio effects / signal processing
comparison of Sample Rate Conversion algorithms in various audio software
great Measurement software for Mac
run the original Audio Precision hardware on modern Windows OS

German page
German only
run Mac OS on PC hardware... very good guides & tutorials

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