My Master's Thesis from quite a while ago... written in German.

I will be adding translations of the individual sections from time to time here.

Meanwhile, you might want to check the original:

Die Historische Entwicklung von Kondensatormikrofonen
Unter Berücksichtigung von Schaltungstechnik und Klangverhalten

Subject is the history of circuit design in microphones and their impact on the sound.
Main sections are:
- Evolution of transducer and head amplifier technology (in-depth)
- General aspects of distortion: Types, assesement and auditory perception
- Distortion in capsules and electronics: sources and methods of measurement
- Actual measurements of several models from vintage to modern, including comprehensive discussion (models included: Neumann U47, U67, M269c, KM84, U87, TLM170, TLM103, M149, Schoeps CMC-5U, Microtech Gefell MV692, AKG C414B-ULS)

Sorry, no complete English translation at this time!
You still can check out all the schematics and graphs, which do tell a story in themselves.