Digital multi-meter (includes U, I, R, diode tester, basic capacitance, etc.)
LC meter (for more specific measurements of inductance & capacitance)
Basic analog function generator and oscilloscope, for general diagnostics
Lab grade PSU (0-30V DC, for powering mixing console modules etc.)

Audio Precision System One S-322 (Dual Domain (A/D)) for in-depth measurements.

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Soldering iron and desoldering tool, (by HAKKO - I just love these…)
Solder sucker, for small desoldering jobs

"Third Hand" clamps, to hold stuff
Bench vise, to hold stuff more vigorously
Hot air gun, for shrink tubing
Drill press, for metal work

… plus a multitude of pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers, nuts, files, wire strippers and other small tools

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